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Turner, Kimberly

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Style Expert Kimberly Turner has turned her passion for fashion and her marketing and corporate skills into a company that allows her to enhance the image and etiquette of others.  In September of 2003, she opened FLAUNT, an image consulting boutique in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop district.  

Before opening FLAUNT, Turner worked for Kraft Foods and Dow Chemical, where she was responsible for brand management and consumer marketing.  She also worked as a senior marketing manager for Schieffelin & Somerset, a mid-sized company that markets high-image spirits.  Turner has an MBA from the University of Michigan, an Image Consulting Certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. 

Turner’s professional and educational experiences combine to make FLAUNT the perfect outlet for her talent, vision and commitment to empowering both men and women to achieve their career goals while building the image of corporations.  By understanding the vision and goals of organizations, Kimberly is able to help the employees visually communicate the key traits of the company.  Now people don’t just hear the vision but see it too.  In addition, her marketing background helps her work with organizations to strategically plan the appropriate dress for executives as they influence the general employee population and become the spokespeople to the public.

Clients include both individuals and departments at a diverse group of organizations including AIG, Alloy Marketing & Promotion, American Family Insurance, British Petroleum, Fox Channel 32, Kraft Foods Inc., Lifetime Television, Mintel International Group, MTV Networks, Pfizer, Uhlich Children's Advantage Network, WGN Channel 9, and Wright College.

Hire FLAUNT today for topics such as:

A Vision You Can See -- You've taught them the company lingo and line.  Are you going to leave the company dress up to them?  We work with HR to develop or reinforce a corporate dress code that is in line with the vision.  Now people not only hear the vision but see it too.

Shopping for a New Look (In Your Own Closet) -- Can't get your employees from casual back to business casual because of the financial investment for them?  Often they've got enough in their closets for a better business look.  We explain the components of a business casual look and give tips on how to achieve it with items already in their closets.  We'll also give a few tips on places to pick up some inexpensive but professional apparel.  No more excuses for the too casual business attire.

Eat Up -- Worried that your employees will do just that without regards to proper etiquette?  Scared to have them represent your corporation at a dinner or even when they take clients out to lunch?  Well, let us teach them the proper flatware to use, where to place the napkin, and how to eat that difficult entree.  Yes, we can have your employees flawlessly handle a corporate so close your mouth.

Contact us today at 312.360.1000 or www.flaunt-boutique.net.  We can customize programs to fit your needs so your employees never again embarrass themselves but most importantly the company. 

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